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Emeka Ossai
Emeka Ossai

Back when trying to find a way to escape the 9-5 grind, Emeka quickly learned that Kindle publishing was the best place for people to start making money online and jumped in and never looked back. Within a few short months he had completely replaced his 9-5 job with his Kindle publishing income and was so motivated by what he had experienced he wanted to teach others how to do the same. So he created what is the fastest growing and most sought after Kindle publishing course on the market today, My Self Publishing Blueprint.

Since its inception in 2017, countless students have gone on to earn four and five figures a month because of the teachings in his program. Emeka has quickly become the go to authority figure in the self publishing world and has sat down and been interviewed by the likes of Dave Chesson, Tim Knox and Dale L Roberts to name a few.

To this day Emeka continues to be involved in the self publishing world, publishing his own books (under pen names of course) as well as expanding to coaching and mentoring top students.

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